With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Athoula possesses the knowledge and network that are a must for success. We work with highly regarded architects, engineers, and designers, and together we bring integrity and passion to every project to completion on time and on budget. Our dynamic team not only constructs houses that are well planned and well executed for our clients who live in them; moreover, our team constructs HOMES for LIVING, homes of the utmost comfort, beauty, and luxury for clients to thrive in.

We strongly believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients; we listen attentively and determine our clients’ needs, wants, budget and most importantly, how they live. At Athoula, we work with our clients to make their dreams a reality.     


Purchasing or building a home is widely considered to be the single largest investment that one could make in their lifetime. At Athoula Construction, we believe a relationship built on trust is essential to making such a monumental decision. Trust our countless years of experience in construction; trust our devotion to our clients and our promise to providing excellent customer service. In addition, trust our dedication to quality workmanship as we ensure your home will be built to last and be beautiful down to the last detail. We aim to understand what they want and need to make their home a special place that they can enjoy for a lifetime.

At Athoula, construction is not only our business – it is our passion. As such, we continuously strive to stay informed of the latest trends and developments in the construction industry, enabling us to provide our clients with the extensive knowledge and expertise required to bring their luxury home build to fruition. Once a project has been commissioned to us, our clients can relax and trust that Athoula Construction will see to all aspects of its creation.